Taking things for granted

It is so easy to take things for granted. We turn on the tap in the kitchen and expect clean fresh water to flow into our drinking glass. We flip a light switch and expect an unknown number of skilled employees of Lansing Board of Water and Light to do an unknown number of complicated tasks to make electricity happen, and the lights come on. We intend to stay in touch with those we love but somehow don’t actually do so, taking for granted there will be time tomorrow.

The same holds true in our relationship with God. We know that prayer, with or without words, is talking to God. We know that God desires a personal relationship with each of us. We know that spending time in the presence of God, worshiping God, strengthens and deepens that relationship. Somehow we have time to watch tv, check our emails, and search diligently on the internet for that perfect something, but at the end of the day we don’t have time for God. We take for granted that God will always be there when we need him. The good news is that because God loves us so deeply, He is.

I am reminded of this as we enter the long season of Pentecost. We’ve celebrated the coming of the Holy Spirit by wearing red, enjoyed a delicious Acolyte Burger Bar Luncheon, and honored our youth and hard working teachers as they concluded another year of Christian Education.

Some events here at St. David’s slow down for the summer. The choirs take a much needed rest from weekly rehearsals and Sunday morning music ministry. The Sunday morning Bible Study takes a recess until September. Sunday School teachers and youth are present for the entire Sunday morning worship. Parishioners take vacations and travel or simply sleep in. From time to time, even the clergy and parish staff are away on vacation.

During all of this, we take for granted that on Sunday, worship at 1519 Elmwood Road will take place as normal. We know that the lights will be on, the Altar Guild will have set up for the Eucharist, Rev. Carol and I will be ready to lead the service, Paul will have chosen music and be at the organ to play for us, Edie will have prepared the bulletin, Kerry will have cleaned the building, Jerry will have mowed the lawn, and coffee hour will take place. In the background Neal and his team of hardworking Vacation Bible School volunteers will have transported us to Rome where we experience life in the early Christian church.

Kind of like God, all this and much more will be here for us as we go about our daily tasks of working, mowing the lawn, cleaning the house, going on vacation and doing mountains of laundry when we return home. Every day, be sure to find time to be with God. Seek God in church, in the quiet of your home, in walks along the beach and in the woods. Don’t drop church attendance just because it is summer and you deserve a rest. When you travel on vacation, find a local church and attend. You will meet new brothers and sisters and experience new ways of worship. Remember, when two or more are gathered together, Christ is present. Enjoy the long, sometimes lazy days of summer, but remember to feed your relationship with God.

May God always bless you and keep you safe.
With deepest affection,
Fr. David

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